Kerry Bruker Avance III 500 MHz with 5 mm 13C/15N(1H) Cryogenic Probe / Samplejet $6/hr $85/hr
Kurgan Bruker Avance III 600 MHz with 5 mm 1H/19F(13C/15N) Cryogenic Probe / Samplejet $8/hr $100/hr
Dexter Bruker Avance III 600 MHz with 5 mm 1H(13C/15N) Cryogenic Probe $8/hr $100/hr
Vosges Bruker Avance III 600 MHz (SOLID) $8/hr $100/hr
Ribeye Varian InfinityPlus, 600 MHz (SOLID) $8/hr $100/hr
Taurus  Varian InfinityPlus, 600 MHz (SOLID) $8/hr $100/hr
Ayshire Varian VNMRS 750 MHz wide bore (SOLID) $10/hr $125/hr
Gelbvieh Agilent 800 MHz with Salt Tolerant 5 mm 1H(>13C/15N) Cryogenic Probe $10/hr $125/hr
Fleckvieh  Bruker Avance III HD 900 MHz with 5 mm 1H(13C/15N) Cryogenic Probe $12/hr $150/hr
Girolando  Bruker US2 900 MHz with 1.6 mm Probe (SOLID) $12/hr $150/hr
Staff Time  Routine spectra can be obtained and analyzed by facility staff on a service basis per half an hour increment. Staff members are available for consultation on experiment design and training in data acquisition and processing. $75/hr $150/hr
Salt Tolerant Susceptibility Matched Slot Tubes

*Note:Industry rate” Proprietary use of the facility equipment is permitted, but charged at industry rate. An NDA will be in place before an industrial user starts a project. Projects of a proprietary nature must be disclosed to NMRFAM prior to the first use of NMRFAM equipment, and NMRFAM reserves the right to decline research of this nature. Proprietary projects are charged at the industry rate, and publication of the result is not required.