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NMRFAM Sponsor Acknowledgements

All publications resulting from research at NMRFAM must acknowledge the facility and its funding sources (this is a requirement of the grants that support NMRFAM).

This study made use of the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison, NMR equipment, helium recovery equipment, and computers were purchased with funds from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the NIH P41GM136463, R24GM141526 , P41GM103399, S10RR023438, S10RR025062, and S10RR029220.

Question on citation for your publications, please contact Lai Bergeman.

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US deductible donations can be made to NMRFAM. Please write check payable to:

UW Foundation, Account 112152802 and mail to:

Attn: Associate Administrative Program Specialist (c/o Sarah Saunders)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Biochemistry

433 Babcock Dr.

Madison WI 53706