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Salt Tolerant Susceptibility Matched Slot Tubes


This special Shigemi slot tube provides the highest sensitivity and shortest 90º pulse with any probe when working with high salt NMR samples.

The tube has a  susceptibility matched glass cavity that keeps solution away from hot spots (which contribute to S/N loss and heating). It consists of an outer tube and an insert (plunger) similar to those used in regular Shigemi symmetrical tubes. The outer tube has an outside diameter of 5.0 mm and a sample cavity with a magnetic susceptibility matched glass bottom. The cavity is 2mm wide and 20 mm high; its cross-section has straight sides and arc shape ends looking almost rectangular.


Note Well: Do not to mix the inserts (plungers) between regular Shigemi symmetrical tubes and these special slot tubes, since their magnetic susceptibility matched glass is different.


  • Smaller sample volume (~160µL)
  • RF sample heating is minimized (important for high salt samples)
  • Higher S/N per unit volume
  • Overall S/N is 35% higher than that of a conventional 5 mm Shigemi microcell tube (280µL) in the presence of 300 mM NaCl

 NMRFAM has the positioning tools needed to orient the salt tolerant tubes in both Varian and Bruker probes.



Bruker’s Shaped or Shigemi Salt Tolerant Tube Shuttles

NMRFAM has special Bruker shuttles (spinners) for both the round Shigemi slot tube and for the rectangular shaped salt tolerant Bruker tubes.

shaped shigemi shuttle

More info:

Shigemi’s salt tolerant slot tube web page

Research paper about the slot tubes


NMRFAM High Salt Data:

S N high_salt1