NAN Data Archive and Data Transport System (NDTS)

NAN Data Archive and Data Transport System are Live!

We are working with our partners at UConn Health and University of Georgia CCRC to develop the Network for Advanced NMR. This NSF-funded mid-scale research infrastructure project has several major components: two 1.1 GHz NMR spectrometers (one dedicated to solids NMR here at NMRFAM and one dedicated to solution NMR at the CCRC NMR facility at UGA), a portal to access NAN resources, and knowledgebases in 4 different application areas. You can read more about this ongoing project at Several components are already in beta testing or deployed at NMRFAM and will impact how you can access your data and simplify compliance with new federal data stewardship guidelines.

The NAN data archive and NAN data transport system (NDTS) are now live and installed on all of our Bruker spectrometers (rollout to Varian is in test phase). This means that data acquired on these instruments is automatically archived to the NAN database upon completion of the acquisition. Data in the archive is associated with metadata – currently, information about the spectrometer used to acquire the data and all the spectrometer files needed to reproduce the data. The ability to link the NMR data to a sample ID and other sample metadata is currently in development and will be rolled out in phases (sample ID and text entry coming soon!). A user dashboard is under development, which will allow you to view your data and any data that has been shared with you or made public. Your data will only be visible to you until you share it or make it public. Your data is associated with your NMRhub username (this is the same as your NMRbox username), and you will be able to access your non-public data by logging in to the user dashboard with that credential. The goal of the NAN data archive is to make it easy for NAN users to meet new data archive and stewardship rules. We will provide you with updates as each component goes live. 

NDTS also automatically transfers data to your NMRbox account upon acquisition, and this now live! You can easily access and process raw data acquired at NMRFAM on NMRbox or transfer from NMRbox to your own computers.

In order for your data to be properly archived and transferred, you will need to have an NMRhub account. If you have an NMRbox account, this automatically establishes an NMRhub account and you’re all set. Your NMRhub username is entered in the NTDS window on the spectrometer and this controls ownership of the data in the NAN archive and which NMRbox account the data is sent to. If you operate the spectrometer yourself, NMRFAM staff will show you how to enter this information. If NMRFAM staff acquire data on your behalf, you will need to tell us your NMRhub username so that we can enter it into NTDS when acquiring your data. Data acquired without an NMRhub username is routed to the facility manager’s account. The facility manager can then reassign it to you later, but it is much simpler if we have your NMRhub username at the time of acquisition.

If you do not have an NMRbox/NMRhub account, please create one as soon as possible! Go to and click the blue Register button in the middle of the page and follow the instructions.

Let Lai Bergeman know your NMRhub username as soon as possible so that we can make sure your data is properly archived and accessible to you!

Industrial users: NDTS is on by default, but it CAN BE TURNED OFF. We do this during maintenance and when acquiring proprietary data. This shuts off all data transfer. Your data will not be sent to the NAN archive or to NMRbox. If you have a project where you DO want your data archived, please let us know and provide us with an NMRhub username. Proprietary data is only stored locally, shared directly with you, and then deleted from our servers once your project is complete.

We look forward to working with you to improve data access!