NMRFAM eNewsletter – February 2023

  • 900 MHz (Fleckvieh) is in solid NMR mode until March 2023. Solution and solid-state configurations generally alternate every 6 to 8 weeks, so please pro-actively plan to submit your 900 MHz requests including efficient use of the time and specific justifications for high field.

 New User/Service Information:

  • NMRFAM provides access to high field (500-900 MHz) solution and solid-state NMR instrumentation and a team of expert staff to assist researchers in experimental design, data acquisition or data analysis. Please contact us with your project ideas and spectrometer needs. Please visit the NMRFAM website for more information.
  • Varian solid-state spectrometers (Ayrshire 750wb, Taurus 600, Ribeye 600) have been upgraded to VNMRS Direct Drive consoles with faster computer workstations and Open VnmrJ 3.1 software for enhanced compatibility, improved user interface, better automation, and faster data processing.  These spectrometers currently are prioritizing requests for high-dimensionality non-uniformly sampled biosolids experiments. Please let us know of your project requirements!

Solid state NMR spectrometers at NMRFAM:

  • Vosges:  600 MHz Bruker Avance III (TopSpin 3.6) with Bruker 3.2 mm Efree HCN CPMAS, Bruker static and Phoenix 3.2 mm, 1.6 mm and 1.2 mm HFXY probes
  • Taurus:  600 MHz Varian Direct Drive II (Open VnmrJ 3.1) quadruple resonance HFXY console with Varian 1.6 mm T3 HXY and Phoenix 1.6 mm HFXY probes
  • Ribeye:  600 MHz Varian Direct Drive (Open VnmrJ 3.1) triple resonance HXY console with Varian 3.2 mm T3 HXY probe and Phoenix 1.6 mm HXY
  • Ayrshire: 750 MHz wide bore Varian Direct Drive (Open VnmrJ 3.1) quintuple resonance HFXYZ console with several MAS probes including Balun 3.2 mm, BioMAS 3.2 mm, FastMas 1.6 mm HXY and custom-designed 1.6 mm quadruple resonance HFXY and HXYZ, focusing on 19F REDOR.
  • Fleckvieh:  900 MHz Bruker Avance III (TopSpin 3.6) with Phoenix 1.6 mm and 1.2 mm HFXY, Blackfox 1.6 mm HCN/HPC/HC, Bruker 3.2 mm E-FREE HCN and Bruker 1.3 mm HCN probes

Solution state NMR spectrometers at NMRFAM:

  • Kerry:  500 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCO HCN cryoprobe and samplejet
  • Kurgan:  600 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCI HCN or 1.7mm TCI HCN cryoprobes and samplejet
  • Dexter:  600 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm QCI HFCN cryoprobe or 5 mm QCI HPCN cryoprobe
  • Telemark: 750 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCI HCN cryoprobe
  • Gelbvieh: 800 MHz Varian VNMRS with 5mm TCI HCN cryoprobe
  • Fleckvieh:  900 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCI HCN cryoprobe

Donate to NMRFAM:

US deductible donations can be made to NMRFAM. Please write check payable to:

UW Foundation, Account 112152802 and mail to:

Attn: Associate Administrative Program Specialist

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Biochemistry

433 Babcock Dr.

Madison WI 53706

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