NMRFAM eNewsletter – December 2021 

  • NMRFAM is back up to normal operations with our spectrometers!  Please contact Lai Bergeman or NMRFAM-Head for collaboration enquiry or other questions.
  • 900 MHz (Fleckvieh) is on solution mode until early February 2022. Solution and solid-state configurations generally alternate every 6 to 8 weeks, so please pro-actively plan to submit your 900 MHz requests including efficient use of the time and specific justifications for high field
  • Have a safe and wonderful holidays and Happy New Year!

New User/Collaborator Information:

  • Please note that if you would like to collaborate with our facility you will need to submit an abstract providing some detail to Lai Bergeman, coordinator, who will bring it up for review at our weekly staff meeting for approval. Please visit the NMRFAM website for more information.

Solid state NMR spectrometers at NMRFAM:

  • Vosges:  600 MHz Bruker Avance III with 3.2 mm Efree HCN CPMAS and 1.6mm Phoenix HFXY
  • Taurus:  600 MHz Varian InfinityPlus with 1.6 mm T3 HXY
  • Ribeye:  600 MHz Varian InfinityPlus with 3.2 mm Varian T3 HXY and 1.6 mm Phoenix HXY
  • Ayshire: 750 MHz wide bore Varian VNMRS Direct Drive with range of probes
  • Fleckvieh:  900 MHz Bruker Avance III with Bruker 3.2 mm E-FREE HCN, Bruker 1.3 mm HCN, 1.6 Phoenix HFXY probes, and 1.6mm HCN

Solution state NMR spectrometers at NMRFAM:

  • Kerry:  500 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCO HCN cryoprobe and samplejet
  • Jaulan:  600 MHz Varian VNMRS with 5 mm TCI HCN cryoprobe
  • Kurgan:  600 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCI HCN or 1.7mm TCI HCN cryoprobes and samplejet
  • Dexter:  600 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm QCI HFCN cryoprobe or 5 mm QCI HPCN cryoprobe
  • Telemark: 750 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCI HCN cryoprobe
  • Gelbvieh: 800 MHz Varian VNMRS with 5mm TCI HCN cryoprobe
  • Fleckvieh:  900 MHz Bruker Avance III with 5 mm TCI HCN cryoprobe

Donate to NMRFAM:

US deductible donations can be made to NMRFAM. Please write check payable to:

UW Foundation, Account 112152802 and mail to:

Attn: Sarah Lynn Traver Saunders

Associate Administrative Program Specialist

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Biochemistry

433 Babcock Dr.

Madison WI 53706

For further information, please contact Ms. Saunders, Tel: 608-265-2507 or email.

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