Marco Tonelli, PH.D.

Position title: Varian Instrumentation Director / Scientist


Phone: 608‑263‑9493

Photo of Marco Tonelli

Marco has been with NMRFAM for 17 years. He focused on the implementation, optimization and development of state-of-the-art NMR techniques for structural studies of a wide variety of biological systems, including proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules and their complexes. For small and medium size proteins, his efforts have focused on the development of automated tools for on-the-fly NMR data collection and chemical shift assignments. In the field of NMR metabolomic studies, he has developed experiments and protocols for high-throughput NMR data collection of various biological fluids, such as plasma, urine, liver extracts, etc. He collaborates with multiple internal and external collaborator projects from initial samples received to structural determination.