Alex Paterson, PH.D.

Position title: SSNMR Material Scientist


Phone: 608-263-0017

Alex Paterson Headshot

Alex joined NMRFAM in January 2022. His area of focus in solid-state NMR of materials, with a particular focus towards oxides. Alex completed his PhD in 2019 under Professor Josef Zwanziger at Dalhousie University. His PhD focused on the determination of the structure of the lanthanum borogermanate glass ceramic system, requiring extensive use of ssNMR as well as DFT calculations. Alex completed a postdoc at the US DOE Ames Laboratory, where he worked as part of the Institute for the Cooperative Upcycling of Polymers (iCOUP), providing data on the motion of polymers within mesoporous silica catalysts. At NMRFAM, Alex is responsible for developing protocols for the study of NMR-active nuclei relevant to a wide variety of chemistries, ranging from 1H to 207Pb.