Fleckvieh 1

Credentials: (Bruker Avance III HD 900 MHz)

• CURRENT CONFIGURATION: 1.6 mm Phoenix in HC mode.
• 3.2 mm Bruker Efree HCN CPMAS. Up to 25 kHz MAS rate.
• 1.3 mm Bruker HCN CPMAS. Up to 60 kHz MAS rate
• Installed May 2020: 1.6 mm Phoenix NMR HFXY CPMAS. Up to 40 kHz MAS rate. Broadband tuning options at user request (please inquire re. your requirements).
• Available for users: extended tuning range of 13C channels (both Bruker probes) for compatibility with 51V, 27Al and 23Na with REDORbox

Photo of Fleckvieh NMR magnet

2D CC spectrum of alpha-synuclein fibril sample derived from brain tissue (250 ms CORD mixing)