Vosges 3

Credentials: (Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz)

• 3.2 mm Bruker Efree CPMAS (HCN). Up to 25 kHz MAS rate. (Default)
• Static (PISEMA) BioProbe
• Coming soon: 1.6 mm Phoenix NMR Low-E HXY CPMAS. Up to 40 kHz MAS rate.*
• Coming soon: 3.2 mm Varian T3 HXY. Up to 25 kHz MAS rate.*

*probes indicated with asterisks are compatible with all SSNMR 600 MHz consoles (Oxford 600/51AS magnets)

Photo of Vosges NMR magnet


250 ms CORD mixing data of UCN-GB1 at 13.333 kHz MAS