Request NMRFAM Service Spectroscopy

NMRFAM would be happy to receive requests from scientists to collect routine NMR spectra, analyze the data, and provide their experimental results in electronic or paper format in order to advance their research projects.

equipment in nmrfam roomNMRFAM’s experienced scientific staff can assist you with your research in the following ways

  • Processing of your samples and collecting data will be assigned to one or more staff members who will guide your request to completion.
  • Staff are available for consultation on experiment design and training in data acquisition and processing if you decide you want to learn to collect your own data in the future.

Important points for requestors of NMRFAM service spectroscopy

  • Samples must be provided to NMRFAM in NMR tubes and samples for natural abundance 13C must be at high concentration. Frequently Asked Questions
  • You will be charged $50/hour for NMRFAM staff fees in addition to the per hour fee for spectrometer time. Your PI will receive an invoice that must be paid within 30 days. Spectrometers and Fees
  • NMRFAM sponsor acknowledgements must be included in the acknowledgements portion of any publications resulting from data obtained through NMRFAM. Acknowledgement Statement
  • To request service, register with iLab and navigate to Requesting Service Time at the bottom of the page.