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Become a User



NMRFAM welcomes new users and encourages scientists to take advantage of its state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, software applications, and experienced staff in order to further their research.

NMRFAM’s current instrumentation and software can enhance your research through:

  • Fast data collection and automated data analysis of bio-macromolecules
  • Technology for larger proteins, nucleic acids, and complexes
  • Investigations of metal-containing (paramagnetic) proteins
  • Dynamics of macromolecules
  • Structure-function investigation of RNA molecules and their complexes with metal ions and proteins
  • Metabolomics and natural products

Important points for NMRFAM users

  • User projects are meant to be largely self-supporting and the standard NMRFAM user charges for spectrometers will be assessed. Spectrometers and Fees
  • NMRFAM staff members provide needed training and advice for users. When staff become actively involved in user projects, they are considered collaborators and should be co-authors on publications. Publications
  • NMRFAM sponsor acknowledgements must always be included in the acknowledgements portion of any publications resulting from the use of NMRFAM. Acknowledgement Statement
  • Experiments that require extensive NMRFAM staff time for assistance and are not part of a collaboration will incur an additional surcharge of $50/hour and is considered a service. Your PI will receive an invoice in the month following data collection which must be paid within 30 days.
  • Remote users can send samples to NMRFAM staff members to load, provided they have the ability to conduct the experiments themselves over the internet. Remote Access | Software
  • To become an NMRFAM user, you and your PI need to enroll in iLab – our online scheduling and billing system. Click here to start – iLab registration
  • Contact Lai Bergeman or 608-262-3173 if you need further assistance. If Lai’s not available, contact Milo Westler or 608-263-9599.
  • Follow these guidelines for preparing your sample. Frequently Asked Questions
  • NMRFAM conducts user workshops for beginners and advanced users annually during the summer.