“Vosges” Avance HD 600III

Vosges is a Bruker Avance HD (ex. Agilent) NMR system 600 MHz, 14.1 T standard bore magnet NMR spectrometer. This instrument is equipped with a TCI (H/F-CN-D) cryogenic probe. The CryoProbe is designed for highest sensitivity on 1H, 19F, and 13C (with cold preamplifiers for 1H/19F, 13C, and 2H), providing added 19F detection and decoupling capability with the performance of a dedicated fluorine CryoProbe. The probe is compatible with shaped tubes for optimum performance on lossy samples.

Console Capabilities

Vosges is equipped with three fully independent channels (plus lock channel) for 19F{1H} and 1H{19F} experiments, and simultaneous decoupling on multiple nuclei such as 13C, 15N, and 19F. A deuterium channel is provided for lock and deuterium decoupling (cooled 2H preamplifier provides increased stability).

Linear amplifiers for the RF channels are one 100 W (1H/19F, 550-600 MHz), two 500 W (13C,15N, 6-220 MHz), and one 150W (2H). Pulsed field gradient capability is provided by an actively shielded single axis Z-gradient PFG module. Vosges includes two amplifiers for the future solids probe: 500W (1H) and 50 W (X-channel).

The temperature range for the cryoprobe is -40 to 80 C.

Available Probes

  • 5 mm z-axis pulsed field gradient quadruple resonance Cryogenic probe (1H{19F,13C,15N, 2H})
  • 5 mm triple-axis pulsed field gradient triple resonance RT probe (1H{13C,15N})


The base rate for time on this machine is $8.00/hour for publishable work and $250/hour for proprietary work.