“Telemark” Avance III 750

Bruker-750Telemark is a Bruker Instruments Avance III 750 Avance console, 17.62 T standard bore magnet NMR spectrometer. The helium dewar of the 750 is a “pumped system”. The liquid helium is cooled to below 4.2 K to increase the stability of this magnet. There is complicated system of pumps, lines, valves, and UPS’s that are all tied together to assure the magnet maintains this cooled temperature.

Console Capabilities

The console of Telemark is equiped with 5 channels and 4 amplifiers. The four channels are capable of generating hard and shaped pulses over any nucleus. The four amplifiers consist of three linear amps covering the x-nucleus frequencies up to thalium and a cluster of three amps for hydrogen.

The console uses Accustar II amplifiers for the generation of the gradient waveforms.

The controlling computer is HP linux (Centos 5.5). The combination of console and Bruker software (TopSpin 3.2.5) should be capable of executing any desired multi-dimensional experiment, with the only limits being the type of nuclei observed.

Available Probes

  • The 5 mm TCI, cryoprobe is the only probe used on this spectrometer.
  • This spectrometer is equipped with a cold 13C preamp and is therefore a good choice for direct 13C observation.


The base rate for time on this machine is $10.00/hour for publishable work and $250/hour for proprietary work.