Large Biomolecules

ompaTROSY- and CRINEPT-based NMR methods can select dramatically slower transverse relaxation NMR signals enabling studies of structures with sizes of 100 kDa and above.

  • NMRFAM has tested and implemented new Agilent and Bruker pulse sequences for large macromolecules, including many designed for ILV(A) labeled proteins.
  • Modern TROSY based pulse sequences (NH and CH ARTSY for protonated and perdeuterated proteins and for RNA/DNA aromatic CH and imino NH) to measure Residual Dipolar Couplings (RDCs) with high precision are implemented on NMRFAM’s  Bruker and Agilent spectrometers.
  • NMRFAM can assist user with wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis for preparation of selectively-labeled proteins (including SAIL).