“Jaulan” VNS 600II

Bruker-600IIJaulan is an Agilent NMR system 600 MHz, 14.1 T standard bore magnet NMR spectrometer. This instrument is equipped with a cryogenic probe.

Console Capabilities

Jaulan is equipped with two full band RF channels for observe, pulse, and decoupling functions and a third broadband channel for 15N to 13C observe and decoupling. A deuterium channel is provided for lock and deuterium decoupling. Linear amplifiers for the RF channels are one 100 W (550-600 MHz), and two 1000 W (6-220 MHz). Pulsed field gradient capability is provided with a Performa X, Y, Z PFG module. The receiver has a 16-bit digitizer with 500 kHz spectral width. Oversampling up to 2M points/s can be done in real-time or in-line.

Available Probes

  • 5 mm z-axis pulsed field gradient triple resonance Cold probe (1H{13C,15N})
  • 5 mm triple-axis pulsed field gradient triple resonance RT probe (1H{13C,15N})


The base rate for time on this machine is $8.00/hour for publishable work and $250/hour for proprietary work.