How to Schedule a Request


Requests to utilize NMRFAM instrumentation are submitted through a request calendar through Sundial prior to day 20 of the month preceding the month for which NMR time is being requested. A request can only be scheduled when the calendar is open, i.e. green in color. When the calendar is red, it is closed to Users, and they cannot schedule requests for the desired time. The NMRFAM Site Administrator (SA) will release the calendar by day 20 (or a few days later) of the previous month, and following release of the calendar a User can add their request to the schedule themselves. To schedule more than one spectrometer, you must submit a request for each spectrometer you want to use in a given billing cycle.

At any point during requesting time, users with questions are encouraged to contact NMRFAM Site Administrator (SA) Lai Bergeman / (608) 262-3173 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. The SA is the main contact point for all NMRFAM users, maintains the list of currently available instrumentation, assists with registration and scheduling, and manages overall site administration.
Live calendars of all spectrometers in NMRFAM can be viewed here.

Schedule a Request
1 – To open the desired calendar, go to the main Sundial @ Madison board and click on the first icon with a crystal ball (after the word Schedule with a drop down arrow). Image of Crystal ball icon. The calendar Search By Billing Period box will open.

2 – Specify Lab – NMRFAM. Specify a spectrometer (spectrometer you choose to use in your time request) or select * (All)  by default and the billing period (same billing period you have chosen in your time request) , and then click on Search. If you selected a specific spectrometer only that calendar will be displayed otherwise the default (All) will display a listing of all Spectrometers. Image for All spectrometers listing

3 – Next, go to the calendar of interest, in this example, Fleckvieh (800MHz) is shown. Image for Fleckvieh’s calendar

4 – Click on an open slot (black space) you wish to schedule. Two windows will open: An Open Timeslotwindow on the top and a Time Requests window (Note: this window is not seen by users with a single project request) at the bottom of Board Sundial @ MadisonImage for Open Timeslot and Time request

5 – In the Open Timeslot window, you must change the start and end time of the open period to your choice, otherwise, by default, all of the open time (black space) will be selected, depending on where in the calendar you clicked on a black space. If you do not change the time, you will be scheduled for the entire period. If there is only one request in the Time Requests window, click on it and your username should appear in the Open Calendar Slot window under User Name.

6 – If you want to schedule more than one request, select the desired time request and drag it to the top bar of the Open Timeslot window and drop it into the top bar. NOTE: You must submit a time request for the desired spectrometer before you schedule open time. If your drag-and-drop has been successful, the bar will change from grey to blue and a small, white clock button will appear above the calendar. Image for clock icon display

7 – Finally, click on the clock button and your time request will be scheduled and your name will appear on the calendar.

See below: the name “Tonelli” who is the user is now populated in the time slots that were selected when request was scheduled (see the previous images and compare). Image displaying scheduled time in calendar for Tonelli

Cancel a Time Request

If you request time and later realize that you will be unable to use it, please cancel the request as soon as possible, so that others may claim it. If you sign up for time, and do not cancel it, more than 24 hours before the time begins, you may be charged for the time even if you do not use it. If someone else uses the time, you will not be charged.

1 – To cancel a time request, open the desired calendar as described above.

2 – Then, double click on your time (Tonelli in the example shown) and the Timeslot window will open with your time request displayed.

3 – Click on the third icon above or clock with the red X through it to cancel your time. Alternatively, you can click on Timeslot on Board Sundial @ Madison and select Cancel from the drop down menu. Image to cancel scheduled time

4 – Your timeslot will open up as shown above, your time gets cancelled and your name will no longer be in the calendar for the time selected previously. The calendar will now be the same as when you had selected it from the list prior to scheduling your request.

4 – Simultaneously, when you cancel a request, a message goes out to all users Timeslot released at NMRFAM on Fleckvieh (as shown in example), so that anyone in need of time can schedule themselves in the now open time.