How to Request NMRFAM Spectrometer Time

how to request time

When Users want to request time, they submit a new time request for each spectrometer for which time is desired, and for each billing period. However, Users don’t have to submit several requests for the same spectrometer during a specific billing period, even if they plan to use the spectrometer repeatedly. When filling out the request, provide information that’s as complete and accurate as possible because a Time Request is only valid when completed correctly.

At first glance, the fields in the information table look very similar, but they actually utilize several different types of text boxes, pull down menus, and expandable tool assortments, and some are automatically populated. When in doubt, click on the field and ascertain what is required. Below is further explanation of fields to complete. Upon submission, any alerts in red need to be corrected. Lastly, as a general rule, the more flexible the user is in requesting time, the more likely it is that the request will be filled.

Much of the information required in the NMRFAM Time Request is required by its granting agencies, for example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in its yearly progress summaries and reports. In turn, these agencies use this information to justify Congressional funding of NMRFAM and other U.S. Biomedical Technology Research Resources (BTRR). For this reason, be aware that NIH may post your abstract on one of their web sites. If your project contains proprietary or sensitive information, you may wish to alter your wording with this in mind.

At any point during registration or requesting time, users with questions are encouraged to contact NMRFAM Site Administrator (SA) Lai Bergeman or (608) 262-3173. The SA is the main contact point for all NMRFAM users, maintains the list of currently available instrumentation, assists with registration and scheduling, and manages overall site administration.

Create a Request

1 – Login to Sundial.
2 – On the main Sundial @ Madison board, go to Options.
3 – From the drop down menu, select New View, and then Time Request. This will open a new Requestwindow. Image of top of Request window.
4. Click Time Request tab on top left > Save as New Time Request (very important step before proceeding!)

* Information required

 *Permit : Select your permit from the drop down menu. If you have more than one permit, all permits will appear in the drop down menu. Select the one you want. If you don’t see any permits listed, contact Lai Bergeman. If your permit is highlighted in pink, it is expired and you should contact your PI for new expiration date and contact Lai Bergeman to have it updated.

* Project Title: Type in your project title (limit 80 characters).

Project Type: Select the correct Category from the drop down menu.
– Core: Core is for facility use only.
– Collaborative: For use when an NMRFAM staff member has significant involvement.
– Proprietary: For industrial users only — higher hourly rates may apply.
– Maintenance: This is for NMRFAM’s use only.
– Service: For use when the user will operate with relative independence.
– Submitted Sample: For use when a facility staff member will operate the instrument (additional $50.00/hour will be charged).

Billing Period: From the drop down menu, select the billing cycle (usually the month you are using the spectrometers – e.g: use spectrometer on April 10th 2016, billing would be 2016-04-01 to 2016-04-30)

Requested Time (Hours): Fill in the blanks with ideal amount of time requested.

Minimum Time (Hours): The minimum time required must be at least 0.5 hours.

*Ways to Divide Time: Description of desired time in blocks, for example, 144 hours split into 2 X 72 hours or do not divide, or one block etc.

Comments on Time: Information regarding preferred time allocations, such as not during the first week of the month or during the middle of the month, or not on certain mentioned dates, 2 hours every Friday from 1 to 3pm, etc.

Total Cost: Ignore this field. It’s automatically calculated based on your selection of spectrometer and time used.

*Spectrometer: Select the spectrometer you would like to use from the drop down menu.

Spectrometer Info: Ignore this field.

*Probes: To add a probe, click the green button and select the probe from the list presented. To delete a probe, highlight it in the list of probes and click the red button. Note that every time a new spectrometer is selected in a different request for a different billing cycle, a new probe must be selected.

Alternative Spectrometer: List another acceptable instrument if you must have NMR time, or None if no other spectrometer is acceptable.

*Experiment Description: Short summary of your experiment.

*Experiment Details: Describe briefly your experiments that are planned and provide a rationalization for the amount of time for which you are asking. e:g zg30 pulse program, comments: proton and carbon decoupled pulse programs

Operator: Enter in name of the person who will be operating the spectrometer. Your username will be entered automatically or you may select from the drop down menu if any of the NMRFAM assisting staff will be operating the spectrometer for you.

Console Experience: This field impacts the need for training. If already trained, select the appropriate console from the drop down menu.

Training Needed: Select Yes or No from the drop down menu. If you need training, contact Lai Bergeman.

Assistance: Select with a check the different areas where you would like help.

Additional Assistance: You can add any additional comments for the assisting staff where you would need help that was not listed in the previous field.

Assisted By: Leave it at Unknown if you will be using the spectrometer yourself. If an NMRFAM staff member will be helping you, then select staff person from the drop down menu.

User Name on Spectrometer: Who will be using the spectrometer – usually username.

Extranet IP#: Required if user wishes to access the NMRFAM Extranet.

Accompanying Persons: List any additional personnel who will be coming to the facility with the user.

*Abstract: A general narrative describing your project (limit 300 words), including the rationale of your project and its significance. Alternatively, you can enter in the abstract from your grant related to the project study.

*Key Words: Enter in at least one keyword relevant to your project.

*Axis Code I: These are NIH-derived subject codes and multiple areas can be selected from the drop down menu. If not sure, Choose 28. ‘Other’, then clarify with your PI and changed to correct code.

*Axis Code II: Do the same as for Axis Code I. If not sure, Choose 92. ‘Other’, then clarify with your PI and changed to correct code.

*Investigators: To add the user and the PI to the Investigators fields – click on the ‘Edit’ menu on top,then click on the ‘Permit to Investigators’ menu item.

Resulting Publications: Leave blank or complete after project has matured.

5 – Click Time Request (top left) > Save Time Request.

6 – If your request is incorrectly completed, a new Time Request Query window will open, listing the problems with your request. Correct the red fields in your request and Save Time Request as Step 5 above. If the request is correctly completed, a new Successful Request window will open with the message Request Successfully Verified! No errors.

7 – Click on Time Request (top left) > Save Time Request.

8. If you are ready to submit your time request – Click on Time Request (top left) > Submit Time Request

9 – A new window will open asking you, Are you sure you want to request NMR time between the dates 2016-04-01-2016-04-30? (This is specific to each monthly billing cycle). If you are ready to submit the request, and your request is for the period stated, then click on the Submit button. If the period showing is incorrect, and you require a different billing cycle, then click on Cancel and correct the billing cycle to needed period. Click on the Submit button again and a new window will open with the message: Your request has been successfully verified and submitted!

10 – Click on the OK button. At this point status of the request changes from NEW to SUBMITTED.

Use Prior Request to Create a New Request

1 – Login to Sundial.

2 – Enter your Username and Password.

  • Click on Search > Time Request > By User and from the drop down menu select your PI name and click Search.
  • Or Search > Time Request > By Lab and from the drop down menu select your username and click Search.
  • Or Search > Time Request > By List and type in your last time request number (5 digits) and click Search.

3 – You will see a list of past requests on the Sundial Board. Double click on the most recent request to view the request.

4 – Click Time Request tab on top left > Save as New Time Request (very important step before proceeding so the database will give it a new number). Change the Billing Cycle, the NMR time required, and comments on time and finally the spectrometer if a different one will be used.

5 – Click on Time Request (top left) > Save Time Request.

6 – If you are ready to submit your time request – Click on Time Request (top left) > Submit Time Request.

Save and Submit Time Request

At any given time, requests can be designated in the Status field as NEWSUBMITTED, or ACCEPTED, as defined below:

  • NEW: Requests that are actively being worked on by a User. When it comes time for the facility to schedule spectrometers, new requests will NOT be considered.
  • SUBMITTED: Once a request has been completed and verified, it will be automatically designated as Submitted
  • ACCEPTED: A submitted time request that’s been scheduled on spectrometers by user. If you request time and later realize that you will be unable to use it, please cancel the request as soon as possible, so that others may claim it. If you sign up for time, and do not cancel it, more than 24 hours before the time begins, you will be charged for the time even if you do not use it.