How to Become an NMRFAM User

how to become a user

NMRFAM users need two separate accounts: a Sundial Account for scheduling spectrometer time (using the Sundial software) and an NMRFAM Network Account (for all spectrometers’ computers plus servers for offline NMR data processing, analysis, computations, etc.):

1. Sundial Account

Before conducting experiments using NMRFAM spectrometers, users must first register with NMRFAM before they can submit official time requests for consideration. PIs don’t have to register, unless they will be submitting time requests and conducting experiments. Registration, Time Requests and Schedules are handled through Sundial, a module of Sesame LIMS. NOTE: Sundial requires Java 8 (JRE) Java Runtime Environment to be installed. You can get the Java 8 JRE here. If the above link does’t work, get from here. (Window user download – Window x64 71.44 MB jre-8u201-window-x64.exe and Mac user – Mac OSx64 76.18 MB jre-8u201-macosx-64.dmg).

Sundial download instruction for Mac and Window.


1 – Start SundialImage of Sundial window when Sundial installation is successful.
2 – Register as a new user.
3 – Help on registration information.
4 – Complete a New User form_2018 and email it to the NMRFAM Administrator.IMPORTANT: Don’t forget your Sundial username and password! No one at NMRFAM nor Sesame can see your password (it is stored in an encrypted form). If you forget your password, we can only reset the password for you.

NMRFAM Administrator 

  • Any questions about user policies and procedures or Sundial should be directed to NMRFAM  administrator Lai Bergeman or (608) 262-3173.
  • Primary point of contact for all users
  • Assists with registrations and scheduling
  • Maintains a list of available instrumentation
  • Releases the next month’s calendar on day 20 or later of every month

2. NMRFAM Network Account