“Gelbvieh” VNS 800

Varian-800Gelbvieh is an Agilent NMR system 800 MHz, 18.8 T standard bore magnet NMR spectrometer.

Console Capabilities

Gelbvieh is equipped with two full band RF channels for observe, pulse, and decoupling functions and two low band channels for 15N to 13C observe and decoupling. The channel assignments are first decoupler 13C, second decoupler 15N and third decoupler 2H. A separate deuterium channel is provided for lock. Linear amplifiers for the RF channels are one 100 W (750-800 MHz), two 1000 W (6-220 MHz) and one 300 W (6-220 MHz). Pulsed field gradient capability is provided with a Performa X, Y, Z PFG module. The receiver has a 16-bit digitizer with 500 kHz spectral width. Oversampling up to 2M points/s can be done in real-time or in-line.

Available Probes

  • 5 mm z-axis pulsed field gradient triple resonance Salt Tolerant Cold probe (1H{13C,15N}).  This probe is also equipped with a cold 13C preamp and is therefore a good choice for direct 13C observation.
  • 5 mm z-axis pulsed field gradient triple resonance Cold probe (1H{13C,15N})
  • 5 mm triple-axis pulsed field gradient triple resonance RT probe (1H{13C,15N})


The base rate for time on this machine is $10.00/hour for publishable work and $250/hour for proprietary work.