“Devon” Avance III-500II

Bruker-500IIDevon is a Bruker Instruments Avance III 500 MHz NMR spectrometer with a 11.75 T standard bore magnet. This instrument is equipped with a cryogenic probe/Broadband/HRMAS/CPMAS.

Console Capabilities

The console of devon is equipped with 3 RF channels, 4 amplifiers, and the capability generate 3-axis gradients of arbitrary shape. Each RF channel is capable of generating hard and shaped pulses over any nucleus. The four amplifiers consist of two linear amps covering the x-nucleus frequencies up to phosphorus, one for hydrogen and one for deuterium.

The controlling computer is an HP desktop computer running CentOS Linux. The Bruker software, TopSpin, should be capable of executing any desired multi-dimensional experiment, with the only limits being the type of nuclei observed.

Available Probes

  • 1H(13C,15N) 5 mm cryogenic probe – cold swappable
  • 1H(X) 5 mm probe
  • HRMAS – 1H(13C,15N) 4 mm rotor
  • CPMAS- Low-e 1H(13C,15N) 3 mm rotor
  • CPMAS- 1H(X) 4 mm rotor


The base rate for time on this machine is $6.00/hour for publishable work or $200/hour for proprietary work.