CESG Technology Dissemination Reports (Protein Production Protocols)

The Center for Eukaryotic Structural Genomics (CESG) was a specialized research center supported by the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from 2001-2010. CESG was housed within the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI) and also the Department of Biochemistry at the Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI). CESG developed new methods and technologies to address unique eukaryotic bottlenecks and disseminated its methodologies and experimental results to the scientific community worldwide.

Here’s a list of technology dissemination reports:

  1. Sesame Laboratory Information Management for Structural Genomics
  2. Target Trace and PepcDB Generation Software
  3. Use of a High-Resolution Genome Tiling Array to Identify the Presence of Target Genes in a cDNA Pool
  4. Evaluation of Low-Complexity in Amino Acid Sequences for Target Selection in Structural Genomics
  5. Economical Approaches to the Production of [Se-Met]-, [U-15N- and [U13C, U15N]-Labeled Proteins from Escherichia Coli Cells
  6. Factorial Evolved Auto-Induction Medium
  7. Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Production and Stable-Isotope Labeling Platform for NMR-Based Structural Proteomics
  8. Small-Scale Semi-Automated Purification of Eukaryotic Proteins for Structure Determination
  9. Ensemble Refinements of Protein Structures
  10. ACMI-Automatic Crystallography Map Interpretation
  11. HIFI-NMR (High-Resolution Iterative Frequency Identification for NMR)
  12. HIFI-C (High-resolution Iterative Frequency Identification of Couplings)
  13. LACS (Linear Analysis of Chemical Shifts)
  14. PINE (Probabilistic Inference Network of Evidence)
  15. Structural Genomics Methods Applied to Production of TEV Protease
  16. Structural Genomics Methods Applied to Production of the Monotopic Membrane Protein Human Cytochrome b5 and In Situ Delivery to Liposomes
  17. Customized Expression Vector Platform
  18. Materials Distribution
  19. CrystalFarm Pro Software Package
  20. Activity and Topology Determination of In Vitro Expressed Membrane Proteins
  21. Co-Expression of Protein:Protein Complexes Using a Wheat Germ Cell-Free System
  22. Development of Detergent Arrays for Membrane Protein Compatibility Screening
  23. Expression and Purification of Bacteriorhodopsin using Protemist XE with Detergents
  24. Protease Based Salvage Pathways
  25. Protease Based Salvage Pathways: Screening Prior to Large Volume Cleavage
  26. New Expression Vectors for Small-Scale Cell-Based Protein Production and Purification
  27. Platform Expression Vectors in Use at CESG
  28. Identification of Protein-Protein Complex Formation and Co-Expression in Cell-Based Platform
  29. Detergent Solubilization Screening for Membrane Proteins Expressed in E. coli
  30. Cell-Free Expression Screening Through Overlap Extension PCR
  31. Optimization of Membrane Protein Production in E. coli and Robotic Purification