Become a New User

NMRFAM actively seeks new projects that present substantial technical challenges and serve to drive the development of the center’s Technology Research and Development (TR&D) Projects.

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NMRFAM’s current TR&D Projects focus on the following advances

  • Expanding the Scope of NMR Sample Preparation to determine structure, dynamics, and functional properties of challenging proteins and nucleic acids and their complexes by solution or solid state NMR.
  • Expanding technologies for Solid-State NMR Data collection
  • Integration of NMR for Complex systems to drives development of integrated data collection and assignment platform and incorporation of structural data for protein domains.

Important points about new projects

  • New projects actively involve NMRFAM staff members and are expected to lead to joint publications and structures. Publications
  • New users are charged for spectrometer time used in data collection, additional staff time is charged for actual hands-on staff time such as setting -up experiments, loading samples onto spectrometer and data analysis on the project. Co-authorship is required for the involved staff member in any resulting publication(s). Spectrometers and Fees.
  • NMRFAM sponsor acknowledgements must be included in the acknowledgements portion of any publications resulting from collaborations with NMRFAM.
  • If the project is accepted as an NMRFAM project, it will be assigned to one or more NMRFAM staff members who will guide it to completion.

Contact Lai Bergeman with a completed project form below to initiate or discuss a new project.