Structure Determination

NMRFAM provides cutting-edge technology solutions to get your biomolecular structure determined. We have sufficient computing servers to run structure calculations, and also have many automation software packages installed on-site to reduce your manual intervention.

Determination of structures consists of 1) restraint collection, 2) structure calculation, 3) structure validation and refinement. These procedures can be conducted either by pre-installed software packages at NMRFAM or installation of the packages on your site. Especially, we present PONDEROSA-C/S software package for a convenient, robust and reliable automated structure determination platform to provide high-quality biomolecular structures in a couple of days. Please regard our software page for available software packages.

We are happy to assist with your project to get through these steps by offering NMRFAM powered high-throughput NMR solutions. Please contact Dr. Milo Westler for details.

schematic diagram of ponderosa - c/s package

[Schematic diagram of PONDEROSA-C/S package]